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Posted 1.21.15 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

In our previous post, we heard from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN or RD) who helps families to manage food allergies. She explained the role of an RD in her post. This week, we wanted to share some research out of the United Kingdom that reveals the value families find in working with an RD to manage a child's food allergies. You can read an abstract of the research here

Background: We know that there are ways that an RD can help families with food allergies to manage their diet, both in planning to avoid foods as well as ensuring adequate nutrition. We can see how this might improve quality of life, but is there any proof? The research team set out to explore the benefits families get from meeting with an RD regarding the child's food allergies.

How: The research team met with 17 mothers, all of whom attended the same allergy center for dietary advice. They conducted focused discussions on various aspects of dietary advice to manage food allergies.

Outcome: The moms revealed that two of their main goals were to protect their child from the food allergy and to keep life as normal as possible. The RDs that they met with helped them to become experts in their child's food allergy so that they could ensure a safe and nutritionally sound diet. Dietitians also provided these moms education as well as advocacy and emotional support.

So there you have it - dietitian's provide real value to families who are managing food allergies! Have you or your family gotten to work with an RD in managing food allergies? If so, what value did it bring to you?



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