Eczema Is Surprisingly Tricky

Posted 7.3.08 | Sarah O'Brien

The other nutrition specialists and I often hear stories from parents about the (often too long) process of getting their child diagnosed and treated for a milk protein allergy. Some families even write up their experiences for us and allow us to share them with other parents. I just re-read one recently about a little boy named RJ (for the full testimonial, click here). By the time R.J. was four months old, he had a painful, itchy, red rash all over his body. He was miserable and in pain.

R.J.’s parents took him to several doctors who tried all these different treatments, but none of them worked.

After months of misery for RJ (and the rest of the family), they finally found a pediatrician who identified the problem as a food allergy and recommended Neocate, an amino acid based formula for the little guy. Within a week, the rash was cleared up and R.J. was a happy, healthy baby again.

This story is a reminder that eczema can be tough to figure out. Many doctors, like R.J.’s, think that eczema is always caused by a topical allergen. However, what many people don’t realize is that sometimes the cause of eczema is from the inside.

R.J. suffered from a severe case of eczema resulting from a milk protein allergy that caused not only him, but his whole family, to suffer. Something to consider if you notice a rash on your little one.

- Sarah

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