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...up for their next sports team and food allergies are apart of your life! Typically the parents take turns providing snacks to all the team players at each game. If your child has a food allergy, a simple solution would be to bring your own allergy-friendly snacks for your child. However, in an effort to help your child feel included and not an outsider, I thought of some other ideas that might help: Coordinate with...
...songs with everyone contributing their favorite. Perhaps a chore + exercise combo. Clean the bathroom and do a set of squats every few minutes. Sports Night: Weather is no issue for this! Inside, try aerobic DVDs or fitness video games that are age- and space-appropriate. Outside, consider the backyard or nearby park for Frisbee, basketball, jumping rope, or other outdoor games. Check out a close-by playground with the whole family. Consider recreation centers for swimming,...
...up treats.This way there will always be safe food for your child to enjoy whenever the school has an event with food. Encourage extra-curricular activities. Don’t avoid birthday parties, play-dates, or sports because of food allergies. These activities are important for your child’s social development and can help them grow into a happy and well rounded individual. Just by doing some extra leg work, nothing should hold you or your child back. –Christine Graham-Garo...
Each one of you is unique and special in some way and have his/her own food allergy role models. You might be special because of a talent that you possess such as singing or playing an instrument. Or maybe there is something in the way you look that makes you unique in your family. One thing that many of you have in common is that either you or someone you care for is...
...choose the amulet of their choice is a good idea, in hopes that it will assure they WILL sport their allergy ID. Another thing to take into consideration when choosing an amulet is how active the person wearing it is. If your child is sports-minded, something durable and perhaps waterproof may be necessary, such as rubber or mesh. Good quality stainless steel also stands up to wear and tear. A review of the top 2016...

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