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...manufacture dairy- and/or nut-free candies and chocolates. Fill your children’s Halloween bags with fun alternatives to candy. Instead of candies and other edible treats that might cause a food allergy issue, look for fun trinkets and toys your children will enjoy. Kids love temporary tattoos, plastic jewelry, bouncy balls, and fun stickers. (Be sure to watch out for hidden allergens!) Plan your trick-or-treating route ahead of time. Depending on where you live, you may be...
...the benefits that can be gained by keeping a detailed food allergy journal. What is a Food Allergy Journal? A food allergy journal is a place where you record food intake for you and/or your child on a regular basis in a chronological order. This journal contains exactly what was eaten, when and where. The more detailed your records are, the easier it is for your healthcare team to spot potential allergy triggers and/or cross-reactions....
...eggs and it’s a healthier option because it deducts excessive sugar. Let the clue come to you:Older kids can enjoy finding eggs filled with clues for a grand prize at the end of the hunt. The grand prize can be a basket with goodies like cool school supplies, small tech prizes or gift cards. Safe for all: It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you plan to stuff the Easter eggs, make them...
...for your children to focus on the fun, not the food, during Passover! As KWFA suggests, you can make it as simple as putting questions on index cards or you can create a more intricate board game. Read Celebrating Passover With Food Allergies (Booklet) Additional great resources to use for allergy-free Passover preparation: Celebrating Passover when Your Child Has Food Allergies Kosher Labeling and Milk or Dairy Allergy What Does Kosher for Passover Mean for...

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