Soy Oil in Neocate

Updated September 2013: Neocate products in the United States are all made WITHOUT soy oil.

One of the most common questions we receive from parents is about the soy oil in Neocate. If your child has a soy allergy, you may wonder how a formula can be hypoallergenic if it has soy in the ingredients list!

The answer is that the soy oil in hypoallergenic formulas that use it is not just any soy oil – it is highly refined soy oil, which the FDA exempts from being labeled as an allergen. This means that the oil has been through a purification process that removes soy proteins.

Soy Protein: What to Watch For

As with most allergies, soy allergies are usually the result of the body being unable to tolerate the soy protein. So because highly refined soy oil has had soy protein removed, it is typically safe for patients with soy protein allergies. As always, you may want to talk with your child’s health care provider to determine what’s appropriate for them.

As of September 2013, Neocate infant products in the United States no longer contain soy oil.

Another important thing to remember is that not all soy oil is highly refined so unless it is specified as such, you should not assume it is safe. If the soy oil in another product is described as cold pressed”, “expeller pressed”, or “extruded” is not safe for those with soy allergies. Soy can also be a “hidden ingredient” in many products, so be on the lookout for it in unexpected items, such as tuna and even toothpaste.

Hopefully that helps explain! Let us know if you have any other concerns or questions in the comments section.

– Christine Graham-Garo

Published: 10/07/2010
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