Nutricia: What Makes Us Special?

Posted 10.13.11 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

Nutricia LogoAbout a year ago, I started working at Nutricia in my role as a Nutrition Specialist. I knew from the beginning that I’d found a great place to work, and it is hard to believe how fast that first year has gone by. What is it they say about time flying?

Well, we hear from so many parents how helpful our products are, especially Neocate, and I thought it would be a nice twist to share a bit about what makes our company so great, since we’re more than just our products.

Dannon & Danone
Dannon Logo
Nutricia is a sister to a much larger company that you’ve probably heard of – Dannon! We also have sister companies in Evian and Stonyfield. These companies are the North American branches of our parent company, Group Danone. Danone is based in Paris, and this family of companies presents a great partnership for sharing medical research and working together to provide some of the best products available. This also means we and our customers benefit from the great initiatives that come out of Danone.


Neocate LogoDid you know that Nutricia is worldwide? We actually have Nutricia branches located around the world, not just in the United States. Each international branch of Nutricia offers a slightly different mix of products from our global portfolio. Neocate, however, is offered by almost all branches, since it has been so helpful to so many families worldwide.


Chemist Writing FormulasOne of the greatest things about Nutricia is our long and continued commitment to research. Since the 1960s, we’ve supported hundreds of publications on research into our products and many medical conditions. This means that we get to work with lots of researchers, many of whom are leaders in their field. This research has contributed to improving the way medicine is practiced, including the diagnosis and treatment of multiple conditions. We’re pretty proud of that!

Taking this one step further, we offer many opportunities for health care professionals to learn about cutting edge science from top researchers. We do this by offering free webinars, presentations, and by supporting medical conferences, making it easier for the folks who treat patients to stay up-to-date on current medical knowledge. 

On top of this, we now have a team of researchers based here in the United States. They are working on current studies for our products. This team, along with our international research teams, demonstrates our dedication to furthering medical research.


One of the best things about Nutricia shows up as part of our mission: “Improving lives through specialized nutrition solutions.”  We are certainly not a one-size-fits-all kind of company. In fact, most people will probably never hear about Nutricia. Our products are specialized, meaning they are designed for specific conditions and disorders, most of them rare. This means we can focus our efforts and resources on providing the best products possible for those conditions, and for our customers! We also provide specialized customer service, which includes having dedicated Nutrition Specialists to answer customer questions.

Employee Support

Finally, it wouldn’t be fair to tell you how great our company is without letting you know how much support they provide to us, the employees. By being a part of Danone, we get to take part in training that makes us better able to support our customers, as well as to work better with each other. Nutricia also supports our education, such as going to conferences to stay on top of current research, as well as taking classes to improve our skills and knowledge.

Do you have a question about Nutricia, and what makes us so special?

- Rob


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  • 2013-01-26 | Kerry

    Yeah, what’s going on with the Neocate Junior that so many beautiful young children are not able to take it any longer? Without the old label formula, these innocents will die. What is the company doing to resolve this issue? Don’t tell me nothing is wrong with the new label formula. Just ask the parents of these little ones…they can tell you what the new label Neocate Junior is doing to their kids (renal failure, among other horrid symptoms). The old label formula is still working just fine for the kids and does NOT make them sick. Time is running out as all of the old label formula is being bought and used up. What can your company do about this? Perhaps a recall of the new label formula is in order? I have personally met one of the families whose youngest daughter is suffering from reactions to the new label formula. It hardly seems fair to tell that little girl that nothing is wrong, that you as a huge corporation, can do nothing to help her with the only food she can eat. Does that seem right? Please help these children.

  • 2013-01-29 | Neocate Admin

    Here’s an overview of our actions []. We are tailoring resolutions that we hope will meet each child’s unique need in partnership with each family, and their pediatrician or specialist. This takes time and is best kept private with each family to respect their privacy. We will continue to update as appropriate as we progress forward.

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