What Makes Neocate so Special?

Posted 10.24.11 | Nutrition Specialist

Q: My son has severe allergies and his pediatrician recommended Neocate. I see that it’s expensive and isn’t available at the store. I’ve also been online and see that similar products exist. Can you tell me what makes Neocate so special?

A: We get this question often. Not only have most parents never heard of Neocate, there are still some health care professionals who aren’t familiar with Neocate either.

Setting the Bar

Neocate was the first of its kind, and we set the bar high. The Neocate products are amino acid-based formulas, which by nature makes them special. The fact that Neocate is made with amino acids instead of protein is what sets it apart and allows it to help so many children to feel better. With Neocate, Nutricia is committed to producing the best amino acid-based formulas possible.

First, we ensure that our customers get a product that will not cause a typical allergic reaction. To start, none of the Neocate ingredients are derived from milk, and we mix the Neocate powders in a facility that is 100% dairy protein-free: no cows allowed! We also test every batch of Neocate for dairy, just to be sure. And with E028 Splash, we also test for gluten to ensure it’s gluten-free.

Specialized Products for Special Kids

Because many children need Neocate for more than just a few weeks, we want their Neocate experience to be as easy as possible. We do this by offering more options. For instance, Neocate Nutra is the only amino acid-based semi-solid food available. We also make Splash, the only ready-to-feed (no mixing needed) amino acid-based formula. On top of this, we offer lots of flavors in Neocate Junior, E028 Splash, as well as Flavor Packets. To top it off, Neocate Junior with Prebiotics is the only amino acid-based formula available with prebiotic fiber, which can help improve regularity. We think all of these make Neocate great and help children to stick with an elemental diet.

Extensive Research

Lots of work has gone into making Neocate the best product possible. Since the 1980s, we’ve supported dozens of studies involving Neocate. In fact, Neocate products have been studied or used in over 70 publications in scientific journals! In fact over 1,000 people, mostly infants and children, have participated in research that involved Neocate. And while Neocate has been extensively studied in cow milk allergy, we’ve also supported research with Neocate in other conditions such as eosinophilic esophagitis(EoE), short bowel syndrome(SBS), multiple food protein intolerance(MFPI), food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome(FPIES), and others.

We’ve gotten to work with lots of researchers, many of whom are leaders in their field. And not just in the US – plenty of research with Neocate has taken place internationally on six continents! This research has helped to improve the way medicine is practiced, including diagnosis and treatment. We’re pretty proud of that! We even have a team of researchers based here in the US working on current Neocate studies. This is just one example of our dedication to advancing medical research.

Customer Support

Neocate wouldn’t be Neocate if it didn’t come with a lot of great “add-ons” for our families. For instance, we have great resources for parents on our website, blog, twitter, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. We (the Nutrition Specialists) also are available to answer questions for parents, caregivers, and health care professionals by phone, by email, and online. We even get to help develop new recipes to keep things interesting.

Finally, families new to Neocate often feel like they’re in unfamiliar territory. This is why we offer lots of reimbursement support, which is incredibly helpful for many of our customers.

The most important factor that makes Neocate special? Neocate kids! We love getting to talk to parents about their little ones every day, especially when they tell us how helpful Neocate has been and share good news. Hearing how special they are just makes our work that much more important.



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  • 2011-12-07 | Connie Birdsong

    My grandson is 18 months old on Necate jr now. They want if he try whole milk. He tried it for 4 days and had a bad diaper rash and unhappy little boy. What other milk can he go on?

  • 2011-12-19 | Rob McCandlish

    Many children with cow milk allergy do not outgrow it by 18 months of age. Neocate Junior is designed to provide complete nutrition that children your grandson’s age need, where many milk substitutes are nutritionally inadequate. We always recommend that you follow the advice of your little one’s health care team. Please advise them of his adverse reactions to cow milk to see if they would recommend that he go back to Neocate Junior or if they have another suitable recommendation.

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