Neocate® Junior Tropical – FAQs – Caregivers

My child is currently receiving Neocate Junior®, tropical, what alternative options are available now that the tropical flavor is being discontinued?

If your child was previously receiving Neocate Junior, tropical, we have multiple options including Neocate Junior® Unflavored without prebiotics, a variety of Neocate Junior with prebiotics flavor options, and five flavors of our ready-to-feed Neocate® Splash. Please always check with your child’s healthcare professional before making any changes to their diet. Visit for more information on available products.

Why has Neocate Junior, tropical been discontinued?

At Nutricia, we continuously evaluate our product portfolio to provide the best nutritional solutions for those with food allergies and related gastrointestinal (GI) and allergic conditions. We made the difficult decision to discontinue the tropical flavor based on feedback from healthcare professionals and caregivers, and limited demand for this specific flavor.

Is the flavor of Neocate Junior, tropical the same as Neocate Splash, tropical fruit?

The flavor of Neocate Junior, tropical, and Neocate Splash, tropical fruit differ. If you would like to sample Neocate Splash, tropical fruit you may request a sample here.

What if my child is having trouble transitioning to a new formula?

Although many children transition to new formulas without issues, we understand sometimes this can be a challenge. If your child is having trouble transitioning to another formula we suggest reviewing the tips from our transition guide, “A Guide to Transitioning”, with your little one’s healthcare professional to determine a plan that works for you and your little one. 

How can I request a sample of the other flavors of Neocate Junior and Neocate Splash for my child to try?

You can request sample packs of Neocate Junior and Neocate Splash here

Published: 02/29/2024
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