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Posted 6.16.12 | Nutrition Specialist

Within the first two months of birth, baby Jude suffered from eczema and severe reflux.  Jude stayed up all night itching and couldn’t sleep or eat.  Formulas like Similac Advance and Nutramigen as well as topical treatments for eczema didn’t do much to improve his symptoms.

“He was miserable and it was hard to see him so uncomfortable eating,” says mom Paige.

Parents Paige and Andrew were told that their baby’s troubles were likely normal baby problems.  But, Jude eventually ended up in the emergency room due to a heavy growth of staff infection from the open eczema wounds he had been scratching on his arms.

More than 10 trips to the pediatrician later, Jude was finally referred to an allergist, who diagnosed him with allergies to milk, eggs, wheat, soy, barley, carrots, and peanut. Finally, a doctor recommended Neocate. After only three weeks, Jude’s parents began to see significant improvement in the symptoms their son had had for six months.

“He has been on Neocate now for about six months and is eating better than ever!” says Paige.

For six months, Jude suffered from extreme eczema and reflux that didn’t allow him to eat or sleep comfortably.  Many doctors’ visits later, Neocate was recommended for Jude.

“I am so grateful for Neocate Infant formula,” says Paige. “This saved my son’s life!”

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  • 2012-07-24 | Kristie

    My daughter had the same issues with reflux and eczema and we tried many formulas and our pediatrician said it seemed like a milk allergy, we went to an allergy doctor who confirmed it was and since my daughter was 4 months old she has been on Neocate.  She is now 15 months and has many other allergies as well, including eggs, rice, and peanuts.  I cant thank Neocate enough becausre our daughter went from an upset baby to a happy one within a week of changing to this formula.

  • 2012-07-25 | Rob

    Thanks so much for your comments, Kristie! We’re really glad to hear that your daughter is doing well and thriving on Neocate. It’s so helpful for us to hear comments like yours about how Neocate products help real children and families, and not just a list of symptoms.

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