How Neocate Helps Educate Clinicians

Posted 9.16.15 | Nutrition Specialist


Many parents ask us why some of the clinicians they've seen haven't been able to answer their questions about symptoms or conditions. Indeed, many clinicians in general practice may not be very familiar with medical conditions for which Neocate is used as part of dietary management. Sometimes even specialists aren't familiar with everything! In medicine, there's never enough time to learn everything, science is constantly changing, and we don't have all of the answers. Bummer!

The Neocate team at Nutricia knows that healthcare professionals want to be able to help their patients, and sometimes can use help in learning about conditions that they don't see as often, such as eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) or FPIES (food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome). We are using today's post to give you a brief look at the efforts we take to support ongoing education for healthcare professionals.

Nutricia Learning Center
This website is specifically designed for healthcare professionals. It's their one-stop shop for educational resources about the conditions in which Neocate is used. We also provide some clinical information about our products, tools and resources that can help clinicians use our products.

Educational Webinars
Healthcare professionals like to learn from experts. Webinars - "web seminars" - are a great way for a lot of people in different locations to learn from one expert online. The Neocate team supports webinars to connect widespread clinicians to experts in the field. Clinicians can listen to the webinar live or, if they can't listen live due to their busy schedule, they can view a recording later on their own time. We try to make it easy!

In-person Lectures
While online education is convenient, in-person education is often more effective because it's more interactive. Nutricia supports in-person lectures across the continent, so that experts can reach clinicians in one area to help inform them about medical conditions.

Educational Courses
Sometimes, healthcare professionals want to learn a lot, from a lot of experts, on a lot of topics, in a short period of time, and in person! In-person educational courses are a great way to accomplish this. The Neocate team supports several educational courses for clinicians so that they can learn about multiple medical conditions from several experts.

We do this because a lot of the less common medical conditions for which Neocate products are used don't receive a lot of attention at major healthcare professional conferences. The courses we support are even targeted to different healthcare specialists, such as dietitians, allergists and gastroenterolotgists.

We look forward to doing more to help support ongoing education for healthcare professionals. It's our hope that this will help clinicians to answer your questions, and get more families more answers sooner!


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  • 2016-04-04 | shannon

    You guys should do EoE clinic in Toledo or Maumee, OH or local area, there is none around here

  • 2016-04-07 | Nutrition Specialist

      Thanks for the request! We’ll reach out to our team member in your area and send you a private message with any resources they can share.

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