Flavoring Neocate Junior

Posted 2.26.13 | Christine Graham-Garo

If you are a Neocate parent, then you may know how unique the Neocate formula smells and tastes. I, personally, have tried them all! What makes Neocate so special is also what gives it that unique flavor – the amino acids. We have lots of experience of families calling saying their little one is not really digging the taste of Neocate. Time is usually the best tool in getting a child used to the flavor of Neocate. As noted in a study, it can take up to 15-20 trails of a certain new food or formula in order for the child to accept it. One question we often get is “Can I add flavoring to the formula to make it taste better?” This is where the answer may vary.  For children over 1 year of age, the answer is yes. Of course, the flavoring component you add has to fit into the acceptable foods for your child. It’s also good to check in the healthcare team before doing so.  If your child is less than 1 year, then this is where discussions need to take place between you and your doctor.  

Here is a previous blog we did on some ideas for flavoring unflavored elemental formulas for kids over 1 year of age. We tend to encourage families to work on behavioral tactics versus changing the formula if it seems like the child didn’t like it the first time, especially when feeding an infant. Instead of tweaking the flavor of the formula right away, try changing the feeding times to see if that will help intake. Here is a link to find more very helpful tips when getting a child to drink nutritional elemental formulas such as Neocate. With a product like Neocate Junior, it helps to know we have 3 different flavor options that you can work with: Chocolate, Tropical, and Vanilla. We are always happy to help in finding handy tips that can help your little one with drinking Neocate.

- Christine


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