Allergy Tattoos

Posted 12.5.13 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

How often have you been worried about sending your little one with food allergies out unsupervised? It can be terrifying! We’ve written in the past about allergy alert apparel, such as t-shirts and bracelets. But recently we heard about an idea that we didn’t see coming: allergy tattoos!

The folks at SafetyTat, who developed other write-on tattoos, have come up with very simple, yet very effective tattoos for communicating food allergies. We should clarify: they aren’t permanent! You can see examples of their nut allergy tattoo as well as their general allergy tattoo. Each one has space to write in a short message, which might include a phone number.

The team at SafetyTat suggests that you can apply one of these food allergy tattoos on the first day of school or camp, when sending your little one to a birthday party or picnic, or just in case. We think they’d also be a great idea to use for the first week of day care or for play dates with new friends. Another idea would be to use the general tattoo to notify hospital staff of drug allergies during a hospital stay.

What ideas do you have on when or where you might use one of these clever tattoos?


Image: SafetyTat


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