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Auto Reorder Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does the 5% discount work?
The 5% discount is applied to your 2nd Auto Reorder once your second order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email where you will see your discount applied. The 5% discount is applied to every subsequent order or as long as there is no break in your shipments. You can change interval or frequency times and still get the 5% discount. Once you de-activate an order from the Auto Reorder program, the order then becomes ineligible for the 5% discount. You must then place the order on Auto Reorder again and wait until the 2nd shipment to get the 5% discount.

How much is shipping on Auto Reorder? 
All orders are shipped via No Charge Residential (FREE) ground shipping unless you change the shipping option. This usually takes from 3-5 Business days for delivery (Business days are days that don’t include the weekend days of Saturday or Sunday). If your Auto Reorder is being shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, your Auto Reorder order will be charged the lowest rate available to those areas.

Can I change my Auto Reorder shipping to a faster method?
You can change your Auto Reorder to ship next day, 2nd day, or 3rd day guaranteed. You can change the shipping method after an order is placed, by changing the shipping method at the Manage Auto Reorder page. REMEMBER, once you change the shipping method, all subsequent orders will be shipped and charged at that new rate unless you change it back to No Charge Residential (FREE) ground shipping.

Can I apply a promotion code to an Auto Reorder?
You cannot apply a promotion code to an Auto Reorder. Remember you do receive a 5% discount by having the order on the Auto Reorder program (starting with your 2nd order). If you want to take advantage of a promotion code, you must place an additional order outside the Auto Reorder program. REMEMBER, you will also receive your scheduled Auto Reorder unless you Disable this order before the next shipment date. You can do this and start the Auto Reorder program up again at a later time.

What happens if an Auto Reorder item is on backorder?
The backordered Auto Reorder item will be shipped as soon as it becomes available. You will receive an email from us letting you know the shipping status. You can modify or cancel your Auto Reorder order for a backordered item at any time before we process the order.

Will backorders affect my Auto Reorder schedule?
When the backordered item is shipped, the shipping interval is applied to the new date of shipment. So if an Auto Reorder is scheduled to ship every 15 days and the back ordered item was shipped on January 12th, then the next shipment will occur on January 27th.

What happens if an Auto Reorder item is discontinued?
If an item is discontinued, all Auto Reorders for that item will be automatically cancelled and you will be notified. If you have other items in your Auto Reorder, they will continue to be shipped on the schedule you specified when you set up the initial Auto Reorder.

What if the price changes of the item I have on Auto Reorder?
If the price of an item is increased or reduced for any reason, or if the shipping costs change, we will notify you by email of the price change.  When you receive the email, it will instruct you to verify your understanding of the price change.  You must click on the link in the email that takes you to the pricing acknowledgment page, where you must agree to the change and your desire to continue with the Auto Reorder program.

How can I stop my Auto Reorder from further shipments?
You can stop your Auto Reorder shipments by going to either 1) the Auto Reorders List page and un-checking the Enable Auto Reorder box or 2) the Manage Auto Reorders page and un-checking the Enable Auto Reorder box. Be sure to see when your next order is scheduled to ship. If you disable your Auto Reorder, but the date is passed from the Next Auto Reorder Date , you may not be able to stop the next shipment. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-NEOCATE (M-F, 8:30am to 8:00pm, EST) for assistance .

Can I change the frequency of when I receive my Auto Reorder?
Yes. To change the frequency of an Auto Reorder go to the Manage Auto Reorders page and select either Fixed Frequency or Specific Dates. If you choose Fixed Frequency enter the First Ship Date and Last Ship Date and then select the frequency interval from the pull down window. If you change the shipment interval, your next shipment will be calculated from the shipment of your last order. As an example, if your last shipment date was January 12th and you change your frequency interval to 10 days, your next shipment should indicate a date of January 22nd. If you choose Specific Dates, enter the dates you want your product shipped.

If I change the shipment frequency, how do I know when my next shipment will occur?
If you ever want to know when your next shipment will occur, you can always go to the Manage Auto Reorders page to see the order details and look at the Next Auto Reorder Date. This is when your next order will be shipped.REMEMBER, the shipment date is the date we ship your order. You will actually receive your order based on the shipping method you choose. If your order is ground shipped via No Charge Residential Ground (FREE), expect to receive your order 3-5 days business days (excluding weekend days) after the shipment date.

What if I receive an Auto Reorder shipment I don’t want?
If for some reason you receive delivery of an order from Auto Reorder that you did not intend to receive, simply call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-NEOCATE (M-F, 8:30am to 8:00pm, EST) to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number so you can return the product.

What is the difference between ship date and receive date?

Ship date – this is the date your order is physically shipped from our warehouse to your addresss. It does NOT include shipping time. Shipping time depends upon the Shipping Method you’ve chosen (ground, next day, 3rd day). Please be aware that No Charge Residential (FREE) ground shipping can take 3-5 business days (not including weekends and holidays).

Receive date – this is the date you actually receive your order. We cannot guarantee a receive date unless you chose an expedited shipping method (next day, 2nd day,3rd day). We do not have control over how long ground shipping from our shipping carrier will take.


  • When making changes on the Manage Auto Reorders page, you MUST click on the Update button or your changes WILL NOT BE SAVED.
  • You may make one or more changes at the same time; add items, change item quantities, change shipment intervals, change your selected shipping and/or billing address, change your shipping method or any combination thereof.
  • An order confirmation email and a shipment confirmation email will be sent after each Auto Reorder is processed and shipped. Once an Auto Reorder is scheduled, you will receive a reminder email 7 days prior to the next shipment. If you do not want to receive this reminder email, select that option on the Manage Auto Reorders page.
  • By placing an Auto Reorder, you authorize us to charge your credit card for subsequent Auto Reorders until you cancel, delete, or make your Auto Reorder inactive. Unless modified by the customer, the credit card used to set up the initial Auto Reorder will be charged for subsequent orders. Subsequent orders will be charged the day the order is shipped from our warehouse.
  • Neocate reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time without prior notice.

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