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...our favorite tips to help parents and caregivers with food allergy kiddos plan an allergy-safe play date. Keep in mind these tips can be used for both older and younger children. Make play date cards. A play date card is a card you give to the adult in charge of a play date with important information. There are tons of choices of templates for play date cards on the market. For children with allergies or...
...the play area. Socializing equals food so when your little one gets invited to a play date, you can count on snacks, drinks and possibly some anxiety on your part. Let’s look at some of the variables and how you can make your child’s next outing a safe one. Consider calling the hostess ahead of time to ask if you can bring the snack so that your child will be safe. Bring a safe, labeled...
...classroom during ‘Show and Tell’ – a great way to share an important concept with the full classroom? Or children can share it with a friend when asked about why certain foods are ‘off-limits.’ Other parents might appreciate having a video to show their family before your little one comes over for a play date or a sleepover! We’ve shared some of our favorite ideas for how you can help your little one to explain...
Hosting a Safe Playdate: Tips for Parents Whose Children Have Friends with Food Allergies
10/11/2017 Hosting a Safe Playdate: Tips for Parents Whose Children Have Friends with Food Allergies Friends with food allergies can be a challenge for any parent, but for a parent who is not familiar with food allergies, having a food allergic child over to play may seem intimidating. This blog is intended for parents whose children do not have food allergies who would like to know more about food allergies in order to safely...

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