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Artificial Sweeteners, Explained
...sweeteners in Neocate®? Several Neocate formulas use an artificial sweetener. Other formula brands often use multiple artificial sweeteners in a given formula to help balance out the aftertaste. Therefore, any Neocate formula with artificial sweeteners will only use a single artificial sweetener. This is because some families prefer a specific artificial sweetener, so this provides them with choices. Most of the flavored Neocate formulas use sucralose, which has a balanced sweet profile and has been...
...the flavored versions, yes we do, because they help the flavors to taste their best. Without an artificial sweetener, we’d have to add more sugar – too much! – to reach a balanced flavor. That amount of sugar could rival the sugar in a soft drink or soda, and exceed recommendations. We use artificial sweeteners that are safe and approved, and only one per product that works well with the flavor. (Some families prefer to...
...As a caveat, 36% of the participants did not respond to the diet at all. In the 1970’s, Dr. Benjamin Feingold, a pediatric allergist from California, had success treating the symptoms of hyperactivity in some children by prescribing an elimination diet. The doctor even came up with his own diet, The Feingold Diet or Program. The Feingold Program eliminates these additives from the diet: Artificial (synthetic) coloring Artificial (synthetic) flavoring Aspartame (an artificial sweetener) Artificial...
...thicken, so it can help to coat the esophagus with the steroid. The original research of oral steroids for the management of EoE used a powdered artificial sweetener that contains sucralose to mix with liquid medication. However, some families prefer to limit or not use artificial sweeteners. Between June 2008 and June 2013 researchers in the Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder program at Boston Children’s Hospital conducted research. Their study showed that oral budesonide mixed with Neocate...

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