Talking the talk about food allergies and symptoms.

Food allergies and GI issues have a language all their own, and it can be confusing and overwhelming. This glossary is here to help you understand the key terms and be better informed overall.

You can also visit our Symptom Guide to help you identify milk allergy and other GI-related symtpoms so you can discuss them with your doctor and dietitian.

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  • Saturated fats

    The main dietary cause of high blood cholesterol, mostly found in foods from animals and some plants.

    Saturated fats Definition
  • Short bowel syndrome (SBS)

    Short bowel syndrome, also called SBS, it is a condition in which nutrients are not properly absorbed due to severe intestinal disease resulting in the surgical removal of a large portion of the small intestine and/or colon.

    Short bowel syndrome (SBS) Definition
  • Side effects

    Any undesired actions or effects of a drug or treatment. Negative or adverse effects may include headache, nausea, hair loss, skin irritation or other physical problems.

    Side effects Definition
  • Skin prick tests

    Skin prick tests are used to diagnose allergies. The test is performed by scratching the outer surface of the skin on the forearm, applying a drop of an allergen solution to the skin, then watching for a reaction such as swelling or redness. It is useful for determining what a person is allergic to.

    Skin prick tests Definition
  • Small intestine

    Part of the GI tract following the stomach, the gateway for virtually all nutrients to enter the body for use.

    Small intestine Definition