Talking the talk about food allergies and symptoms.

Food allergies and GI issues have a language all their own, and it can be confusing and overwhelming. This glossary is here to help you understand the key terms and be better informed overall.

You can also visit our Symptom Guide to help you identify milk allergy and other GI-related symtpoms so you can discuss them with your doctor and dietitian.

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  • Hives

    Allergic disorder, also called urticaria, characterized by red patches on the skin that cause itching. Hives can be caused by food or drug allergies or by particular weather conditions (e.g., too hot or too cold, sun exposition). It is treated by eliminating whatever triggered the reaction first, and then with antihistamines. In the most severe cases, it can be treated with corticosteroids.

    Hives Definition
  • Hydrolyzed

    Protein that has been broken down into smaller particles for easier digestion.

    Hydrolyzed Definition
  • Hypoallergenic

    A product that is least likely to trigger allergic reactions.

    Hypoallergenic Definition