Help for Parents

When your child is hurting, answers cannot come soon enough.

Help for Parents

We know the real and frightening challenges of parenting a child with cow milk allergy, severe food allergies or GI issues associated with food allergies. It’s easy to feel isolated, uncertain and discouraged.

But there is hope and there is help. We know because at Neocate we’ve worked the past two decades creating clinically proven nutrition for the children and families facing these issues so they get the help they need to grow.

That’s the purpose of this resource center. Here you’ll find answers you can understand, tools to help you make the most of the time with your doctor and dietitian, a reference library with a glossary of common terms and a symptom guide, reliable information on conditions, and downloadable guides for using Neocate products. And when you’re done, there’s still another resource at your fingertips. It’s easy to connect with our nutrition specialists and other parents through our Neocate Footsteps program.


It's natural to have questions about how Neocate can help your child with cow milk allergy or other severe food allergies. We've done our best to answer them clearly and directly...

Parent’s Toolbox

Caring for a child with food allergies or GI issues is challenging. It can drain and overwhelm even the strongest of us. You can take comfort in knowing that you're not alone...

Reference Library

Try these easy-to-use tools to get a better understanding of what's causing your child's symptoms. You can check out terms in the glossary...

Learn About Conditions

With a protein food allergy, the body's immune system mistakenly sees certain food proteins as unwelcome intruders (allergens) and attacks them...

Instructions, Guides & More

Would you like some handy instructions for preparing and storing Neocate? Or guides that cover a range of issues that parents most often ask about?

Food Allergy Living Blog

It's easy to connect with nutrition specialists and other parents at our Food Allergy Living blog for real-time advice and tips...