Neocate’es E028 Splash - Neocate Fan Favorite Election

Posted 10.11.12 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

Hi everyone, I’m Neocate’s E028 Splash and it is my honor to run for Neocate Fan Favorite!  

As the very first (and still the only!) ready-to-drink, hypoallergenic elemental formula for toddlers and children, I’ve been committed to keeping severely allergic children well and safe. I am a 100% dairy-free and gluten-free formula. I have decades of experience in helping to successfully manage food allergies (such as cow’s milk allergy) and other food allergy-related GI conditions.  

Aside from these great features, I’m also 100% easy to use – no measuring or mixing required! Children can take me just about anywhere. My kid-friendly packaging and color-coordinated straws helps my 100% specialized nutrition look 100% normal. My broad appeal has been gaining interest among teenagers and adults who need an elemental formula to provide balanced, supplemental nutrition. I am also unique because I come in three delicious flavors: Grape, Tropical Fruit, and Orange-Pineapple!

Therefore, I urge you to vote for me, Neocate’s E028 Splash, in the Neocate Fan Favorite Election!

Thank you!

Neocate’s E028 Splash

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