Information from Nutricia Regarding Current Availability of Neocate® Products

As you may be aware, the Abbott Nutrition recall of several powder formulas beginning in February and subsequent extended supply interruption has created a difficult situation for many patients and health care providers. The search for alternatives to certain Abbott Nutrition products to meet patient needs has created unprecedented demand for amino acid-based formula products, including our Neocate line. While we are taking urgent measures to get more products into the market, current product availability is low and, in some cases, you will see that our products are out of stock.

We first want to be clear that as a team that includes many parents and caregivers and employees who speak with health care providers every day, we understand how disruptive and stressful it is to not be able to find the products you rely on. Please be assured that we are doing everything within our power to support you during this difficult time.

Specifically, following the February recall of certain Abbott products, we immediately put a plan in place to address the skyrocketing demand for Neocate products all while maintaining the highest level of quality and safety food standards. Our actions include prioritizing the U.S. market for increased supply and specifically increasing production of key products Neocate DHA/ARA Infant formula and Neocate Junior Unflavored. We also began expediting delivery via air shipments from our manufacturing sites whenever possible to get our products into the market as quickly as possible.

With these actions, we have continued to produce and ship product, however the significant increase in demand has continued to outpace our production since the Abbott recall, which is why we are experiencing challenges keeping product in stock and available.

Starting now, new inventory is being shipped to the market, however given the extent of the Abbott recall, we do expect that availability will remain tight for the next couple of months.

We are actively looking at additional ways to further increase supply. We are also meeting regularly with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and other stakeholders to make sure they are aware of the product demand and the challenges as we look for ways to safely get more product to the market quicker to address the patient needs.

Again, we recognize this is a highly stressful situation. Our entire organization is fully committed to supporting you and doing everything we can to make sure our products are consistently available going forward.



Your Nutricia Team

Published: 04/08/2022
Carolyn Ricciardi
Hello Brad, We want to assure you that Nutricia products, including Neocate are not involved in this recall. Neocate remains safe for the dietary management of severe/complex cow’s milk allergy, multiple food allergies and other indications where an amino acid-based diet is recommended by a healthcare professional.
Can you tell us if any Neocate Junior products are part of the recall? I’m having trouble finding information about the specific products that were recalled
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