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Posted 3.24.12 | Nutrition Specialist

We receive a fair amount of questions from parents and healthcare professionals on how to mix our Neocate products at specific concentrations and volumes. Unless you're asking about the standard mixing instructions, it's best to check with your healthcare team. If your healthcare team does not have the mixing instructions they want to provide you, they can contact our Nutrition Specialists, who can help with any Neocate mixing concentration they want you to use and at whatever size serving of Neocate they recommend. Please note that for the safety of our customers our Nutrition Specialists cannot provide mixing instructions at concentrations other than the standard concentration directly to you. You must get those instructions from your healthcare provider.

At times, especially when mixing larger volumes of Neocate, your healthcare team may feel that it would be easier to use household measures (dry measuring cups and spoons) to measure Neocate powder. As with non-standard concentration recipes, we don't provide those measurements to our customers, and you should get them from your healthcare team. We can help healthcare professionals with these measures, if needed. It's important for your healthcare provider to decide if they are comfortable with you using household measures, because household measures are not as accurate as a scale that weighs powder in grams or the scoop provided with Neocate powdered products.

If your healthcare provider is comfortable with you using household measures for Neocate powder, here are a few tips:

  • Use standard US, dry household measures, which are based on a cup volume of 237 or 240 mL. Some household measures may be based on a cup size of 250 mL, which would not be appropriate to use. Do not use liquid measuring cups, which are much less accurate when measuring dry ingredients.
  • Household measuring cups and spoons should be filled unpacked and leveled. Do not pack powder into measuring cups or spoons. You may tap the side of the cup or spoon to eliminate air pockets. Level the powder with the straight edge of a clean utensil, such as a knife or spatula.

For questions and guidance on how to mix Neocate products, please call us at 1-800-Neocate.

- Christine

*Including Neocate Infant DHA/ARA, Neocate Junior, Unflavored, Tropical or Chocolate flavored, Neocate Junior with Prebiotics, Unflavored, Strawberry or Vanilla flavored


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  • 2012-03-30 | Loryn Orwig

    How can this be healthy for a baby when it is nothing but basically corn starch. I

  • 2012-04-03 | Christine Graham-Garo

    Dear Loryn,
    Are you refering to our Neocate Infant formula? As you can see in the ingredients list and the nutrient profile, the Neocate Infant formula has a balanced blend of macronutrients including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. The Neocate Infant must meet the FDAs guidelines on percentages of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins as well as micronutrients. Although the first ingredient is the corn syrup solids, note that this is the appropriate amount of carbohydrates that an infant would require (47% of Energy). We have over 50 studies using Neocate in children and infants with GI or allergy related conditions that show Neocate being highly successful in the nutritional management of their conditions also showing optimal growth and developement. Also keep in mind, we do not use high fructose corn syrup which is different from corn syrup solids. We extract all of the proteins from the corn so all that is remaining is the complex carbohydrate from the corn. I hope this helped with your question. Please feel free to call us to further disucss if you still have questions.

  • 2013-12-06 | amanda

    wondering how to feed the neocate junior if my infant is no longer using a bottle. can it be mixed with cold water and served in a sippy? and how long can it be good for once mixed? he has just started to use the junior instead of the infant neocate.

  • 2013-12-11 | Mallory

    Hi Amanda, Just it can certainly be taken with a sippy cup! Just like with the Infant formula, the Neocate Junior is good for 4 hours at room temperature. If you make it and store it in the refrigerator, it is good for 24 hours. Once your little one starts to drink from the cup, it should be used within one hour. I hope this helps! Good luck with the transition to Neocate Junior and let us know if you have any further questions.

  • 2014-09-03 | Kuli

    Im new to Neocate and trying to get my baby of 3 months to take Neocate Infant.  She refuses to take it unless I mix it with breast milk.  And the ratio has to be signigicantly more breastmilk. I do 1 1/2 oz breastmilk and only 1/2 oz neocate.  I’ve been giving it this way for a week now.  When I try to put more neocate, she refuses the bottle.  Is there anyway to flavor the neocate infant formula?

  • 2014-09-04 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

    Hi Kuli,
    We aren’t able to recommend anything to flavor or sweeten Neocate Infant DHA/ARA. I think you’re on the right track with a gradual transition. It would be best to check with your LO’s healthcare team to see if they have suggestions. You can also find some good tips to discuss with the team in our Neocate Transition Guide. The tips come from a Feeding Specialist, and you can download a copy here:
    Best of luck!

  • 2017-02-28 | Michelle

    I’m having trouble transitioning my girl from infant to junior formula. Before starting neocate she was getting similac alimentum with cereal to thicken so she would hopefully throw up less. When starting the infant formula, she wouldn’t drink until I added the same amt cereal she was used to. Now it’s time to transition to junior. They ordered her vanilla flavor but she won’t drink it. I want her to get the right vitamins for a child her age so she needs the jr as she’s 16mos now. Do u have any suggestions? Does the unflavored jr taste just like the infant formula? I started doing 5oz infant/2oz jr. She still needs the cereal to drink it but she drinks that ratio. Do I measure the jr same way as the infant? 1scoop per oz? Do I have to mix separately first then combine? Or can I just pour the 7ozwater then add 5scoops infant and 2scoops jr? Thank you!!!

  • 2017-03-01 | Nutrition Specialist

    Hi Michelle,
      Great questions! It sounds like you’ve got the right idea by approaching the transition gradually. My first recommendation would be to check with your healthcare team, including any of the tips below that you might like to use.
    1. This blog post might be helpful:
    2. It mentions this Neocate transition guide:
    3. Neocate Junior Unflavored is the closest in taste to Neocate Infant
    4. It’s best to prepare Junior and Infant separately: they’re mixed differently and have different scoops
      Your daughter’s healthcare can advise whether you should stick with adding the cereal and how much to add. The best approach may be to make one change at a time, such as first transitioning to Junior, then transitioning off of the cereal.
      Best of luck!

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