Video: Elimination Diets Explained

Posted 12.8.11 | Nutrition Specialist

Hi everyone! 

We get lots of questions from Moms (and Dads) about elimination diets.  This is why, in addition to the information we have here on our blog and website, our nutrition specialists and bloggers decided to address that very topic on our NeocateUS YouTube channel.  So if elimination diets seem a little confusing to you, check out our video for more answers!


Also, for more elimination diet information and resources check out some of our previous blog entries:

Furthermore, if you enjoy receiving information from Neocate via video please let us know by posting a comment on our YouTube channel and liking our videos.  As we continue to work on more informative videos we would love to hear from you!  

So, what kind of other videos would you like to see our Nutrition specialists create? 


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