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Posted 11.15.16 | Nutrition Specialist

On the official America Recycles Day, today we would like to take the time to promote the importance of recycling the packaging from your Neocate products.

What is America Recycles Day?

America Recycles Day is a program of Keep America Beautiful and is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.

America Recycles Day educates people about the importance of recycling to our economy and environmental well-being, and helps motivate occasional recyclers to become “everyday” recyclers.”

You can make recycling a family activity. Here’s a fun explanation from Sesame Street on recycling:

If you are looking to find other items you can recycle in your house today, here’s a handy guide to help you get started. (Click on the image to view larger).

Neocate Packaging Plastics Recycling

Did you know that all empty Neocate product cans are recyclable, as well as the E028 Splash drink boxes?

The plastic lids on our cans can be recycled. This might vary, though, based on where you live. To be sure you can recycle the lids, check with your local municipality or curbside recycling pickup company. The key thing to look for is whether they accept number 4 plastics – the lids we use on our cans are number 4. As more localities continue to accept a bigger variety of plastics, we hope many of our customers can recycle their Neocate lids! You may also be able to find a nearby drop-off location by using the search feature on Earth911 with the term “#4 Rigid Plastic” and your city or zip code.

But what about the scoop that comes with our products? Great news: if your municipality or recycling pickup company takes number 5 plastics, you can recycle the scoops as well! Number 5 plastics are also used in yogurt cups, other food tubs, plastic flower pots, and disposable razors. Even better news: for those customers who live in an area where number 5 products are not collected from the community, you have another option with the Preserve® Gimme 5 program. You may be able to locate a local drop-off site where number 5 plastics are collected for Preserve. If that doesn’t work, Preserve will even accept number 5 plastics by mail and turn them into consumer products. Now THAT’S recycling!

Reusing & Recycling Neocate Cans

Sure, Neocate cans can be recycled anywhere that metals are accepted for recycling. But taking care of our planet is not just about recycling. It also means making sure we reuse the products in a creative way to help minimize impact on the landfills. If you are feeling crafty, here are some ideas on ways to reuse your product packaging.

  • Pots for plants/flowers

  • Storage

  • Desk Organizer

  • Gift/favor basket or even flower pot

  • Piggy bank

  • Jars to store dry foods

  • Lanterns

  • Headband organizer

  • Playset

  • Band Instruments

For additional creative ideas on how to recycle or creatively reuse the packaging from your Neocate products, follow our Pinterest Recycling board.

We highly encourage you to recycle and reuse your Neocate cans instead of putting them in the trash to be thrown in a landfill. If you have used your Neocate packaging in a creative way, comment below,  we would love to learn!

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