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Posted 7.22.11 | Nutrition Specialist

During summer months, we get quite a few questions from parents about transporting their child’s Neocate. Some parents wonder about the best way to bring Neocate along on their vacation, whether it’s a road trip or flight. Many parents are concerned about the high temperatures during summer months and whether or not this will be a problem when transporting Neocate. We also get questions about obtaining Neocate in other countries. Today’s blog will (hopefully) answer your questions about traveling with Neocate! 

If your little one drinks Neocate, vacations will take a little bit of extra planning. Unlike standard infant formulas, you can’t just run by any local supermarket to pick up some extra Neocate, so you will need to plan ahead of time.

 First things first, calculate exactly how much your little one will need on the trip. You don’t want to underestimate and run out of formula on your vacation. Calling pharmacies in a frantic attempt to track down a can will defeat the purpose of your relaxing vacation (and if you are on an island or in the mountains, the chances of a local pharmacy having Neocate are small)!

First start by asking how many ounces of formula does your baby drink each day? Multiply this by the number of days you will be gone, including the travel days. For example, if you’ll be away for seven days total, including travel days, and your baby drinks 20 oz per day, you’ll need 140 oz over the course of the trip. Each can of Neocate yields 85 fluid ounces (at the standard dilution of 20 calories per ounce), so you divide 140 by 85 and round up. So you’ll need about two cans of formula for the trip. Now that you know the number of cans you will need, I recommend packing an extra can just in case travel plans change unexpectedly.

If you are flying, keep in mind that TSA has regulations about flying with liquids and powders. Having Neocate in your checked bags won’t be a problem but it’s a little more complicated to carry on. Brush up on the guidelines for traveling with formulas prior to your flight. Make sure to bring enough formula for the flight in your carry-on bags and maybe even some extra just in case your checked bags get lost. Neocate can be prepared ahead of time and kept in a refrigerator for up to 24 hours. It can be stored at room temperature for up to 4 hours. So if you have a long flight, consider bringing a little cooler for your bottles. Some parents prefer to not bring Neocate in their checked bags and instead ship it to wherever they are heading ahead of time. If you do this, make sure to confirm that the product has arrived before you leave for the trip so that you don’t arrive to find that the package did not get to your destination.  

Another question we often hear is whether or not Neocate is safe to consume after it has sat in a hot car. It is true that certain nutrients degrade when exposed to extreme heat so we definitely don’t recommend storing Neocate at high temperatures for long periods of time. So, for example, you don’t want to store your extra Neocate cans in the hot garage all summer. That said, we’ve done testing to ensure that short periods of time in the car or during transport won’t affect the nutritional quality or safety of the Neocate.  In other words, bring it inside with you when you get there but don’t worry if it gets a little hot on the way.

Lastly, I’ll touch on the question of whether Neocate can be purchased in other countries. The short answer is maybe. It is a sold around the world, however, it is not available everywhere and where it is available; there are different processes for obtaining it (through a doctor, pharmacy, mail, etc). You should not assume that it is easily obtainable and in most cases, it is easiest to just bring along enough formula for your trip.  If you are going to another country for an extended amount of time and don’t think you can bring a big enough supply with you, call Nutricia’s global office or the office of the country where you are heading to see if you can purchase Neocate locally. If you can arrange this, be sure to bring as much formula as possible with you just in case there is a delay in obtaining the formula locally once you arrive.

Hopefully this blog will help you to plan for your family’s next vacation and avoid any unnecessary stress.  If you find yourself in an emergency where you are out of Neocate away from home, be sure to call us. We may be able to help you track some down. Safe travels!

Do you have any advice to other parents traveling with their child’s Neocate? Any tips or experiences to share? 

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