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Posted 5.24.12 | Mallory West

We often get questions about cost assistance for Neocate.  We know that specialized formulas like Neocate are not cheap when you are paying out-of- pocket. Here at Nutricia, we strive to help our customers in finding cost assistance options.  Today’s post will discuss some of the various cost assistance options that might be available for you.  

1.      Insurance: The reimbursement section on provides tips and resources to walk you through the insurance reimbursement process, which can be a challenge to navigate.  In general, insurance coverage depends on your policy. However, there are 14 states which have laws that require insurance companies to cover Neocate. 

If your state is not included, this does not mean that you cannot obtain insurance reimbursement, it just means that coverage is determined on a case by case basis.  You can still submit a request for coverage to your insurance company.  Be sure to include a letter of medical necessity from your child’s physician. Sample letters of medical necessity can be found under resources you can use under the reimbursement section on  Also, consider getting involved in the fight for insurance coverage in your state!

2.      Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator: Getting help with the costs of feeding a child with cow milk, soy or protein allergies, or severe GI issues, can go a long way to helping the whole family feel better.  Nutricia Navigator provides resources and information that can help you find reimbursement for the medical foods and exempt infant formulas your child needs to thrive. You may be eligible for private insurance coverage, government support and even assistance from us.

3.      WIC or Medicaid: If your child is eligible for WIC or Medicaid, it’s possible that Neocate is covered.  Contact your local WIC/Medicaid office to discuss coverage.  To search for your local WIC Clinic, please click here.

4.      Neocate Assistance Program (NAP): If insurance coverage is repeatedly denied and you are not eligible for WIC/Medicaid, you may qualify for our Neocate Assistance Program.  You and your child’s health care provider will need to fill out an application and submit it to our review team for consideration.  Please note this program applies only to the Neocate Infant DHA ARA product.

For more information about all of these options please be sure to visit the reimbursement section on our website, which has many resources that you may find helpful.  If you have any questions about reimbursement or need assistance in any way, please call and speak to one of our nutrition specialists at 1-800-Neocate.  We are happy to help!

Do any of you have any tips or testimonials on fighting for reimbursement for your child’s Neocate?  We’d love to hear your story and share your tips!


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  • 2013-03-12 | Tammy Adams

    I am currently caring for my Grandson and we went to a Gastrologist today and he wants me to start him on Neocate DHA ARA and gave me a coupon for a free can of formula, I don’t know how to redeem it I have a promotion code, also I live in Athol, MA 01331 could you please tell me who in the area sells this product

  • 2013-03-18 | Mallory

    Hi Tammy, the coupon can be redeemed through us (Nutricia). Just give customer service a call and they can explain everything to you. The number is 1-800-365-7354. You can also ask to be put in touch with our Nutricia Product Coverage Navigator, which will help you with requesting reimbursement for the Neocate. I hope this helps!

  • 2014-10-31 | Angelle Fontenot

    We were denied help by NAP. I don’t know where else to turn. It cost us $800 a month to feed my 6 month old baby and we have to be on Neocate Infant for minimum another 6 months. We do not qualify for WIC and have been denied repeatedly by insurance. We do not receive assistance for anything. I applied for NAP hoping for some help but was denied. I am pregnant with my second child now and my husband and I really need some assistance. It is very hard on parents to have a sweet baby with reflux and a protein allergy. Are there any other places I can turn to for help?

  • 2014-11-03 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

    Hi Angelle,

    Please give our Nutricia Navigator team a call at (800) 365-7354. They may be able to help appeal your insurance company’s denial to cover Neocate or look at other alternatives.

    Best of luck,

  • 2017-04-26 | Julia

    Hoping there is some sort of assistance for my baby for this formula. My daughter is 4 and was severely allergic to milk and this formula was a life saver! Unfortunately our new baby has followed in his sisters footsteps. Where neocate is our only option. Please help it’s such a huge financial strain

  • 2017-04-27 | Nutrition Specialist

    Hi Julia,
      We’re so sorry to hear that your son has decided to follow in his older sister’s footsteps! We’d love to see how we can help you. Please give our Navigator team a call so that they can start exploring the options. You can reach them at 800-365-7354 and learn more about them at
      Best of luck to you!

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