Neocate® Syneo® Infant:

Closer to breast milk than any other amino acid‑based formula (AAF)*

Managing cow milk allergy (CMA) symptoms is a top priority. But research shows that many infants with food allergies can also have a gut microbiota that’s different from healthy breastfed infants.1-3 That’s why we created Neocate Syneo Infant, the only AAF with prebiotics, probiotics, and nucleotides—three components inspired by breast milk that help support the developing immune system.

Neocate Syneo Product

Hypoallergenic amino acid-based infant formula for the dietary management of food allergies, clinically shown to:

  • Support normal growth1,4-6
  • Relieve food allergy symptoms6
  • Be well-tolerated1,4-6

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Three key ingredients that set Neocate Syneo apart

Inspired by three key components of breast milk, Neocate Syneo Infant is the only hypoallergenic formula with:







These carefully selected ingredients help support the developing immune system.

Neocate Syneo contains more of the elements of breast milk than any other AAF*

  Neocate® Syneo® Infant Neocate® Infant DHA/ARA Elecare®
Prebiotic Oligosaccharides

A distressing cycle

The gut microbiota in early life plays a key role in the development of the immune system.10-12 Kids with CMA can have gut dysbiosis3,13-15‡—a concerning imbalance in the gut microbiota that has been linked to immune-related diseases15-18 and health problems later in life.19-24 In fact, children with CMA have been found to be up to four times more likely than healthy children to get infections.25,26


One publication suggests that gut dysbiosis increases susceptibility to infections.24 And the antibiotics used to fight infections can dramatically alter the gut microbiota,27,28 potentially worsening dysbiosis.

Give your patients with food allergies the immune support they need to flourish, with Neocate Syneo Infant

The pre-and probiotics in Neocate Syneo Infant help address gut dysbiosis by balancing the gut microbiota,§ so you can go beyond food allergy symptom control.1,2,4

Review exploratory findings

Exploratory findings across randomized clinical trials in infants with CMA show that the immune-supporting capabilities of Neocate Syneo Infant may lead to:

  • Fewer infections and less use of antibiotics6
  • Fewer ear infections4 and less use of anti-infectives1
  • Fewer gastrointestinal and respiratory infections requiring hospitalization29

Exploratory findings are results of safety evaluations, and do not intend to offer final and conclusive results. Further research is needed to confirm the findings.

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