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Karyn found her favorite flavors by using Neocate® Junior & Neocate® Splash.

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Neocate® Splash helps save Jeni time from mixing formula – just pack and go!

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Neocate® Junior contains prebiotic fiber. Fiber helps support digestive health.

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Many families find Neocate access through Nutricia Navigator. Our free, personalized service explores all your reimbursement and coverage options.

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The Neocate 1+ range has more flavors and forms than any other amino acid-based formula brand

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Neocate® Nutra

Neocate® Nutra

The first and only amino acid-based solid food specifically designed to:

  • Provide additional calories, to help support growth, and key nutrients, including vitamin D, iron, calcium and zinc.
  • Form a smooth, cereal-style consistency to add texture and variety to meals
  • Help advance critical feeding skills & promote oral development in infants
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Neocate® Junior

Neocate® Junior

Six nutritionally complete, hypoallergenic, amino acid-based formula options that:

  • Helps support digestive health with prebiotic fiber - Neocate Junior Unflavored is also available without prebiotic fiber
  • Ease the stress of formula refusal with multiple flavor options to fight flavor fatigue
  • Save time with easy one-to-one mixing ratio for all flavors: 1 fl. oz. water to 1 scoop powder
Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, tropical, unflavored, unflavored with prebiotics Artificially flavored - Images are for illustration purposes only.
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Neocate® Splash

Neocate® Splash

The only ready-to-drink nutritionally complete, hypoallergenic, amino acid-based formulas

  • Easy to grab and go, with no mixing required
  • Offers variety with four great-tasting flavors to drink or use for tube feeding
  • Convenient, pre-mixed formula in a single-serve container that looks like other drink boxes
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