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Neocate Infant DHA/ARA has done wonders for both of my babies born with allergies to dairy. With Neocate, their discomfort totally stopped- and no more rash, either! They both are on track with their growth and thriving. I would recommend Neocate for any families struggling with infant allergies to cow’s milk protein.


This product helped my son so much when he was having blood in his stool. He was less fussy and overall I could tell he was more comfortable once on this product!


It worked well for a severe milk allergy in the family. It did not contain any casein and we did not have to worry about our family’s health when we used it. Our baby happily drinks it. I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review


Shipping from the website was super fast, I got it in two days. My premie was 3 months early with a dairy allergy and neocate has worked wonders for us! Relatives who help watch her have said how amazing it is that this formula does not ever clump! "I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review"


Neocate has been the only formula to help with all 3 of my children’s milk protein allergy. We tried five different formulas with my daughter before trying Neocate. Thankfully when my 3 month old twins began to show similar symptoms, we knew we could skip right to Neocate for our babies. All three are pain free and thriving!


My almost 6 month old twins have suffered pretty severe reflux multiple times daily for 2-3 months before we were switched to this formula. This has been an absolute game changer for their gut issues and reflux. We are no longer dealing with the projectile vomiting that we were before. I didn't think we were going to see an end to that but this formula really made the difference. I cannot recommend it enough for those who deal with similar issues for their little ones.


Our son has a cow milk allergy, this formula is working wonders!


Expiration date is near


My son was allergic to regular baby milk. He broke out and was in pain(gas). a few days of switching his face cleared up in a week and a half he was a new baby nomore has pains .


Neocate helped with my daughter acid reflux. I would reccomend it to any mom with a baby that has colic or acid reflux.


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