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Great product and servicd


My baby has a milk protein allergy and was very fussy on other formulas. She is so much happier and thriving on Neocate. So glad we found it! I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review.


This was our lifesaver! We tried at least six other brands before learning about Neocate and our girl could finally use this! It made such a difference and really helped her to thrive. She’s still not yet able to take milk, so we’ve moved her to Neocate Junior and Neocate Splash. Expensive, but nice to have something that works and has made such a difference.


Neocate syneo is THE BEST. Cows milk protein allergy and severe reflux are not a fun convo but this definitely makes life a little easier! So thankful for this formula and the hood it’s doing our baby.


My first baby ended up having a MPA and after endless months of crying we were finally referred to a GI dr who started our son on regular Neocate and it did wonders for him!!! Different baby over night! No more crying for hours or projectile vomiting after switch. He started gaining weight after switch too!! We couldn’t be happier! Flash forward almost 10 years later and we had another baby. Right away we recognized they symptoms again but we figured we would take him to GI dr right away instead of waiting on referral. We told him our history with our first born and how Neocate helped him. The GI dr however refused and told us that Similac Alimentum was all he needed ( even though that still not best for babies with MPA). We listened either way and it was a disaster. We went back, had him test his stool and it was positive for blood! We know he had the same thing. Still didn’t listen about Neocate and instead put him on Similac Elecare. He said it was better, etc etc! Worst week of our lives and our baby lost a lot of weight! This time we went to our pediatrician and told her what happened and she said we should try Neocate since it worked on our other son. We explained to her that we had told GI dr that but he wouldn’t listens. She gave us a couple of samples of Neocate Syneo and we had a different baby overnight!!!!! Should’ve just stuck with Neocate from the beginning!!!! Best formula for our babies!


Neocate Syneo Infant helped my baby find relief in just a few days. Thankful we found this formula.


Great product.


My micro preemie was experiencing Sandifer Syndrome ( GIRD with physical reactions). I was informed about Neocate DHA infant formula after I switched to toddler Goat milk and it worked. She still had symptoms with Neocate DHA, though very mild. I ask her Gastro about Syneo and we switched. Syneo worked wonders for my micro preemie and her Sandifer Syndrome went away, the reflux medicine was eliminated and reflux decreased by 99%! I tell all moms I can about our story because no US sold infant formula worked like the Syneo did for us. My baby is now 9 mths ols. From the start of this formula she had no more tummy pain, no GIRD and stools were coming regularly. Thank you Nutricia for this option and helping me get NC Medicaid to pay for the formula. I am now an advocate. Best wishes, Latoya and Baby Annalise


This product has has been life changing. I gave birth to a 1lb 10ozs micro-preemie at 30 weeks gestation. My very young and highly educated nutritionist recommend neonates DHR/RHA after my baby had issues. This still wasn't the best option since symptoms were still there though majorly decreased. I researched and decided to talk to my babies gastroenterologist about Syneo. He agreed it was worth a try as my baby had gas and stool struggles. The first bottle made a difference. Her stool is regular and NO gas with syneo. I am happy they Syneo version exists & my daughters gastro listened to my concerns. I know there are no formal studies but it worked on my very fragile preemie. I was devastated when my milk production wasn't enough and elated when I found Syneo. Then to top it off, Nutricia's team helped me get the milk from my state insurance! Yes. NC Medicaid covered my babies milk and I owe it all to Nutricia! They took care of it all. Even when the first DC (pharmacy) said no, Medicaid doesn't cover it, my Nutricia team, Susan, got me to the right DC and now it ships to my how.


I can’t say enough good things about this formula. After the misery of allergic reactions to breast milk and hydrolyzed formula, our son thrived on Neocate Syneo!


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