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My infant wasn’t tolerating any formula and had to be put on a peg tube. She was vomiting everything up and very gasy. Neocate helped with the reflux, vomiting and she tolerated the Neocate and is gaining weight.


The only formula to work for our twins that have a milk protein allergy


"I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review" This formula is a life saver. Both of my children had a milk protein allergy and this helped them tremendously. We had tried the other formulas but they still had reactions. This was easy on their digestive systems and turned them back into the happy little babies I knew they could be!


"I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review" Our GI had us switch to this formula from Puramino and she's doing great! Her reflux/spitting up has lessened so much that we no longer need to be on meds. We're all very happy about the progress! I only wish this was sold in more stores like Target, CVS, etc.


We've been using this formula for a little over 2 weeks and my little one is doing so much better after being diagnosed with CMPA. Hardly any reflux and she's happy to drink it!


This formula helped my son with his CMPA. He loved it. I’m going to now start using it with my second son. “I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review"


"I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review"…My son has had troubles with gas stomach pain and severe acid reflux with vomiting and I’ve tried 6-different formulas for him and this one is the only one which had minimized his acid reflux along with all his other symptoms I would definitely recommend this to other new mamas struggling with the same issues with their little ones.


We tried multiple other formulas before trying Neocate Syneo. All other formulas caused stomach upset in my baby. With Neocate Syneo, there was no stomach upset. The spit up reduced greatly, no more stomach pains, no more gas, and no more abnormal diapers. "I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review"


After our daughter was diagnosed with CMPA (and had been dropping percentiles) we were given a sample of neocate from our pediatrician. One month later she is putting on weight, her bottle aversion has improved significantly. Our daughter seems to like the taste, too. We tried to go to an extensively hydrolyzed formula instead of this amino acid one after a month and her exact issues returned (gassy, fussy, bloated abdomen) so suffice it to say we will be sticking to neocate until she is a year old. Just wish it were not so expensive. "I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review"


Our daughter needed formula shortly ate both as she was low birth weight. A week in, we discovered that she was not tolerating the regular formula brand sold in most stores. We then tried a formula for babies with dairy sensitivity. While she improved for a few days, the next 2 weeks were filled with a lot of pain and suffering for my baby. Her little belly would become so bloated that it would be almost three times its normal size and I can still hear her screaming in pain for hours. That is when my husband did his research and found NeoCate. She’s improved drastically within a matter for 2 days! She has been able to grow and thrive simply because of this formula! Our pediatrician diagnosed her with severe cows milk protein allergy and allergic colitis. The most important thing we learned in this journey is that many “milk allergy” formulas contain milk protein! If your child struggles with severe colic, bloating, explosive diarrhea, and / or severe pain, please consider Neocate. I will forever be grateful to this company for this product.


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