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My son has used Neocate Jr. for several years now due to his allergies. I have nothing but great things to say about it. Thank you.



Thank you for your review. We are so glad to hear Neocate Jr has been helpful for your son!

Our 1 year old loves the Neocate Junior Vanilla flavor, and knowing we have this formula gives us piece of mind given his multiple food protein induced allergies. I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review.


Neocate has helped my son gain weight after a diagnosis that required an amino acid only diet. What a relief to have a safe option for him! I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review.


Our son loves his Neocate bottle and it prevents any problems with his milk protein allergy. We really appreciate the product. FI am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review.


Our experience with neocate junior has been nothing but great! We have been using it for several months now since we discovered my sons allergy to cow’s milk and it certainly has helped him grow. We would definitely recommend to any family. Our son particular likes the strawberry flavor! I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review


I have used neocate infant and junior for my both kids since they were baby! This is the only brand I trusted for allergen free since they both had multiple problems related to intolerance and allergies. I still use this formula for my second kid and he is 2.5 yr old. I definitely recommend it to my friends and will continue to recommend parents who has a kid with allergies and intolerance problems.


Truly life changing. My daughter with CMPA was struggling with weight gain. We had tried to transition her off her hypoallergenic formula onto a variety of plant based milks and her symptoms had skyrocketed. Neocate Junior was the only formula that quickly healed her GI system and got her back on track with gaining weight. “I am receiving a coupon in exchange for writing a review”


This formula is amazing!! I tried multiple “allergy-friendly” formulas through my GJ tube and could not tolerate any of them (due to MCAS). I felt like I was running out of options. Then my dietician recommended Neocate junior unflavored with added Complete Amino Acid Mix (another Nutricia product) for added protein. I immediately noticed a difference and felt amazing. I have energy again and have gotten to a healthy weight! I don’t know what I would do without Neocate.


My son loves Neocate junior unflavored and I am very happy because he finally got a good source of the protein who really helps recovery his body on the daily diet 👍 💪 I really appreciate my great doctor in Brazil 🇧🇷 professor Sabra 💙 who was the first one to prescribed the Neocate for him. TJ is a 10 years old little man who loves life and is very happy 😊 every day 💙 thank you everyone 😊


We utilize Neocate Junior to assist with our son's inability to process regular cow milk and its proteins. I am receiving a 20% coupon in exchange for this review.


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