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...Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for kids, and most schools have some kind of celebration. Many students share valentines, candy and other treats. But for a child with food allergies (and their parents), this day can be stressful. You want to ensure your child stays safe from potential allergens while making sure they get to enjoy all of the fun. Here are some ideas for a safe and fun Valentine’s Day celebration!...
...Happy Valentine’s Day! As everyone around the country celebrates, we would like to help bring awareness to a new movement started by Kids With Food Allergies to help spread awareness and encourage inclusiveness around celebrating Valentine’s Day. How does it work? Similar to the #TealPumpkin project for Halloween, the #TealLove movement encourages non-food gifts and treats to be exchanged for Valentine’s Day. Learn more about #TealLove Some classrooms are being encouraged to cut back...
...Are there babies or toddlers who will have sippy cups, bottles or snacks with foods to which your child would react? When will they play? Schedule the play date so that you don’t have to coordinate a whole meal. Keep in mind that Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas time are all celebrated with an abundance of candy. How do I train caregivers? Caregivers need to be given an overview of food allergies, your child’s...

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