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Going to Preschool Or Daycare with Food Allergies
08/19/2009 need to provide. Some preschools or daycare centers require parents to bring formula prepared. Generally, schools are okay if you provide pre-measured powder and clear preparation instructions, so make sure to ask. Always bring a few extra Neocate Splash boxes to keep as an emergency supply. Daycare with food allergies can be scary, but manageable. These steps will prepare you and your for success and safety on the first day. Start now, and check...
...even make a flavored version by adding Neocate Junior or Neocate Splash to Nutra. Once you choose your fillings just keep repeating layers until you reach the top of the trifle dish! Add candles and other decorations. If you can’t use icing, wash a plastic toy in hot soapy water, rinse, and dry for the ultimate “cake”-topper! Allergy-Friendly Treats: Yellow Cake with Frosting (Submitted by Jessica Snell) Cake: 1 box suitable yellow cake mix 1/3...
The Gut Microbiota and Its Link With Food Allergies
...breast milk must use a hypoallergenic formula. Research with older hypoallergenic formulas found that they helped resolve food allergy symptoms, but didn’t shift the imbalance in gut microbiota. Neocate® Syneo® Infant is the first and only hypoallergenic formula that is shown to help balance the microbiota of food-allergic infants to be closer to that of healthy, breastfed infants. That’s because Neocate Syneo Infant contains both prebiotics and probiotics, designed explicitly for allergic infants. A diagram...
Importance of fiber in childhood when it comes to food allergies
...a wheat allergy would need a fiber source with no ingredients from wheat. They might also need to avoid related grains like barley, rye, or oat. For children with food allergies who need a nutritionally complete, hypoallergenic formula, fiber intake can be more of a challenge. Neocate Junior is the only hypoallergenic formula for children that has added prebiotic fiber. The fiber in Neocate Junior come from the root of the chicory plant and was...
Neocate Celebrates Rare Disease Day<sup>®</sup>
...Communication. Once you create that relationship, make sure to keep up with communication so you can encourage progress. Relationships with legislators or media, are important, but relationships with their staff are equally or sometimes even more important. If you have a rare disease story to tell, let us know! The Neocate team would love to hear from you and learn about how our products have helped you. Rare Disease Day logo is a property of...
...sometimes includes a special diet with a hypoallergenic, amino acid-based formula like Neocate. The Neocate family of products can be used for infants, children, adolescents, and adults. There are powdered products like Neocate Syneo Infant and Neocate Junior, as well as ready-to-drink liquids like E028 Splash and Neocate Splash Unflavored. If your little one is diagnosed with EoE, make sure the healthcare team takes the time to explain all of the options, answer your questions,...
...and dips are a great way to add nutrition to chips, crackers and sandwiches. Any kind of bean makes a great high-protein, high-fiber spread or dip. Try re-fried pinto beans with salsa or avocado, garbanzo beans with lemon juice and garlic. Vegan mayonnaise can also be a good base for a dip or spread. Or try an allergen-free version with Neocate. Boost the nutrition of vegan mayonnaise by adding mashed avocado and/or mashed beans with...
Baby Rashes from A to Z (Acne to Eczema!) and When Is It a Milk Allergy?
...sure you plan, take notes, and ask the right questions when you see your doctor. -Rob McCandlish Rob McCandlish is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who joined the Nutricia team in 2010. McCandlish has years of experience at Nutricia following food allergy research, working with Neocate products, talking with Neocate families, and learning about the science behind Neocate and food allergies. Doctor Rob has two nephews who both used Neocate for their cow milk allergies!...

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