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The health insurance landscape can be confusing. At Neocate, we offer a free reimbursement service that can help you find the Neocate product access and coverage so your child can thrive. This service is called Nutricia Navigator and it helps you do just that,...
...49735-0124-36 B4161 or B4153 Other Nutritional Products Duocal 10280 49735-0102-80 B4155 Phlexy-Vits 10685 49735-0106-85 A9270 Essential Amino Acid Mix 553342 49735-0114-90 B4155 Complete Amino Acid Mix 553341 49735-0101-24 B4155 *Nutricia North America does not represent these codes to be National Drug Codes (NDCs). NDC-format codes are product codes adjusted according to standard industry practice to meet the format requirements of pharmacy and health insurance systems. ICD-10 Codes Some insurance companies and state programs that cover...
...Over the past few weeks, we’ve provided you with tips for recycling or reusing your metal Neocate cans. But what about the accessories: the lids and the scoops? In our recent recycling blog, we mentioned that the lids from Neocate (and Duocal!) cans can be recycled. This might vary, though, based on where you live. To be sure you can recycle the lids, check with your local municipality or curbside recycling pickup company. The...
...“Neocate Infant DHA/ARA Now Kosher” to learn more about the formula and the kosher certification process. Are other Neocate Products Kosher? Check out our “Is Neocate Kosher” blog post to learn more about the kosher status of other Neocate products, such as Duocal. We’ve also laid out some useful information, such as the ‘Approved Product List’ from the Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din’s website. We hope our Kosher Blog Post Round-Up has addressed...

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