Privacy FAQ

Why do you put cookies on my computer?
Cookies are a small data file placed by websites you have visited on the hard disk of your computer and are only accessible by those websites. They contain pieces of Personally Identifiable Information generally used to customize a site to your needs. Passwords, for example, are stored on cookies so you do not have to enter it each time you visit the website.

Must I accept your cookies to use the site?
You do not have to accept cookies if you don't want to. Most browsers may be set to notify you when a cookie is required. Although some features of site might not work without these cookies. For example, by rejecting cookies you will be obliged to log in each time you want to enter and/ort tailor the site. Whereby accepting such cookies the website will remember your log in and preferences and automatically customize the website to your needs.

Will information remain confidential?
Only yourself or someone you authorize can have access to information you provide us. By referring back to "Internal Privacy and Security" here are listed some of the procedures we implement to protect your information:

What is my username?
A sequence of characters, different from a password, that is used as identification and is required when accessing a multi-user computer system, LAN, bulletin board system, or online service.

What is my password?
A series of characters consisting of both letters and numbers granting user's access to the interactive communication tools this website offers. When combined with username provides a secret code that prevents unauthorized access.

How do I change my information?
Simply log in and select change or modify data and enter your new details.

Why must I provide my email address to register?
This is useful so we can quickly contact you to notify you of any important changes to the website. Also, if you prefer not to receive any collateral material via your e-mail address you can simply opt out at any time.

Do you track and record my navigation?
We do this through cookies in order to collect and compile information, called aggregate data, providing us with statistics about our users (characteristics of a large group of people). This information is also used to improve and provide the best services to meet the users' needs.

Can I navigate the website and not reveal personal information?
Yes, you can navigate the whole site giving no personal information. But, due to the nature of our interactive communication tools, in order to use these features, you will be required to write personal information. In any case, this website will not take and collect any personal information without your knowledge and permission.