Short Bowel Syndrome

Short bowel syndrome (otherwise known as SBS) is a serious condition that makes it difficult for your child to get the nutrition he or she needs to grow. 

SBS occurs when a significant portion of the small intestine and/or colon is taken out.  Because of the surgical removal of part of the intestine, malabsorption of nutrients is common in SBS patients.

The small intestine and colon play crucial roles in the digestive process.  The small intestine absorbs most nutrients and the colon absorbs water: key things your child needs to grow.  When children lose part of the digestive system due to surgery, they need special attention paid to the quality of nutrition they need to thrive.

Infants and children with SBS tend to have an increased risk of food allergies as well. 

How Neocate Can Help

Neocate is specialized nutrition. It’s different from other formulas and foods because it’s based on non-allergenic amino acids, the building blocks of protein, so it’s easier for infants and children to absorb.  Neocate has neither whole nor fragmented protein chains that can trigger an allergic response. Amino acid formulas, such as Neocate, are the most hypoallergenic formulas available.

What’s more, Neocate can help with nutritional stability. With time, your child’s intestinal tract will adapt by growing more cells to help increase the ability to absorb nutrients and digest formulas and foods normally. Neocate’s easy-to-digest proteins and unique nutritional profile helps your child get all the nutrients he/she need while the remaining gut adjusts to the new situation.

More information on SBS can be found in our SBS parent guide and our Food Allergy Living blog.