Valentine’s Day with Food Allergies

Posted 2.14.08 | Nutrition Specialist

Valentine’s Day is here and I’m not sure what has me more off-center: deliberating about what to buy my wife or realizing that my kids are moving beyond Snoopy cards and conversation candy hearts at what seems like lightening speed. Just when did their Valentine’s go from hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy to carnations and mixed CDs from gangly pre-teens at my front door?

But I’m hesitant to long for the simplicity of little candies because, for parents of kids with food allergies, Valentine’s chocolates and other treats (at any age) can spell serious danger.

Fortunately, there are many resources out there to help your kids have a happy Valentine’s day free of any allergic reactions. Below are a few worth checking out. You’ll notice some key themes throughout these resources that ring true for facing so many holidays and activities when your child has a food allergy. These are communication (with your kids, their teachers and other parents), planning, involvement (in your child’s classroom or activity), and creativity (for alternative foods, activities etc.).

Guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day From Kids with Food Allergies

ABC’s for a Safe Valentine’s Party From Allergy Moms Valentine’s Gift Guide From Beyond Allergy

Recipes for Safe Valentine’s Treats From Kids with Food Allergies

Happy Valentine’s!
Dr. Y

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