Tainted Peanut Plant

Posted 2.5.09 | Christine Graham-Garo

Over the last few weeks, the news has been filled with articles on the tainted peanut plant in Blakely, Georgia.

Click here for a CNN.com article on the topic.
The FDA is now saying that the Peanut Corporation of America knew one of its facilities had tested positive for bacteria. How scary!
As a food allergy parent, this story highlights the importance of food allergy safety! Reading food labels carefully, checking expiration dates and looking into manufacturing facilities are a great way to ensure your child stays away from those pesky allergens.
It's important to know where and how your child's foods and formulas are being manufactured. To be on the safe side, only purchase foods make in a 100 percent allergy-free environment (and if you're not sure look on the manufacturers Web site or give them a call). For example, Neocate, an amino acid-based formula made for children with milk protein allergies, is manufactured in a 100 percent dairy-free environment.
Health officials are recommending that consumers throw away all products that were recalled and avoid consuming any products not verified as safe.
The tainted plant makes peanut butter as well as peanut paste. The peanut butter is sold to institutions, such as cafeterias and the peanut paste is used in items such as cookies and ice cream. To see a list of safe companies compiled by the American Peanut Council, click here.
- Christine

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