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No chocolate bunny for Easter?

Posted 3.18.08 | Nutrition Specialist

During the Easter season, eggs and chocolate are everywhere! As a parent, you always want to create a fun holiday atmosphere for your child. However, when your child has a food allergy, Easter can be a tough time. Let’s face it, “Easter eggs” and chocolate bunnies are a big part of the celebration! But, with a little bit of creativity, your child can have as many memorable moments and traditions as any other child celebrating Easter.

The Basket

There are many ways to create a great Easter basket for you kids without the chocolate! Books and stuffed animals are always a great option. Who wants a chocolate bunny when they can have a stuffed one! Along with Easter comes the beginning of spring- so bubbles, sidewalk chalk and any other outside toy would be a great addition. Your child will be able to play with their Easter baskets long after the chocolate is gone.

The Eggs

When it comes to decorating eggs, you can use wood eggs, plastic eggs or even Styrofoam eggs instead of hard boiled ones. Create them early with your child and use them as a decoration around the house. It will be a constant reminder of how fun “fake” eggs can be to decorate.

The Tasty Treats

Okay, admittedly, giving up the chocolate and goodies isn’t going to be easy. The good news is there are now companies that make allergy-friendly Easter treats that some kids with food allergies can have. However, since every child’s allergy is different, be sure to check the labels and make sure the treat is ok for your little one.

And of course chocolate shakes are always fun. The amino acid-based formula Neocate Junior is available in a chocolate flavor (it is artificial flavor, so no danger there) that you can mix with ice to make a cool shake. has a bunch of food allergy safe recipes for Easter and I have heard some parents have also used Neocate Chocolate to make some other fun recipes. I’d love to hear about them below if you’re willing to share. Just a word of warning, don’t put Neocate Junior Chocolate or any other amino acid-based formulas in the freezer. (The freezing process doesn’t cause allergic reactions, but it does cause loss of some of the formula’s important nutrients.)

If you have any other fun allergy-free Easter ideas, please share below!

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Managing Food Allergies: Easter and Passover

Posted 4.10.14 | Mallory West

Holidays and special events tend to include food and spring celebrations are no exception. Whether your family celebrates Easter or Passover, you might be looking for help to ensure that your little one stays safe and enjoys the day. We’ve compiled some tips and food-allergy recipe ideas for today’s post.



Kids with Food Allergies’ offers these awesome guides to celebrating Easter with food allergies:

Also, here are some dyeable ceramic eggs available for kids with egg allergies:



Kids with Food Allergies has some wonderful resources for enjoying an allergy-friendly Passover:

Check out these allergy-friendly Passover recipes provided by

We also came across this food allergy mom’s blog, Kosher with Food Allergies!


How does your family manage food allergies on Easter or Passover? Please share your tips and recipes!


Allergy-Friendly Ideas for Easter Baskets

Posted 4.14.17 | Nutrition Specialist

Easter is days away and if this is a holiday you celebrate, we want to ensure you have plenty of allergy-friendly holiday ideas! When dealing with food allergies, the Easter bunny has to be especially careful to bring safe, fun treats.

With a bit of creativity, it’s possible to have an exciting holiday for all to enjoy. Here are several ideas for how you can fill an allergy-friendly Easter basket for your little one. Several of these treats can even be done as a fun Easter crafts.

Milk-Free and Egg-Free Treats

If you do decide to include candy in your Easter baskets, we recommend referring to Kids With Food Allergies’updated list of allergy-safe candies.

Just because your little one has dietary restrictions, doesn’t mean they can’t indulge!

Allergen-Free Cupcakes

Gluten-free, allergen-free AND vegan cupcake recipe from cookbook author, mom and food-allergic person, Cybele Pascal.

Egg-Free Decorating

Traditions are part of what make holidays so exciting, and we know how much kids can enjoy arts and crafts. If you live in an egg-free home, there are alternatives for egg decorating that you can explore to make sure that your children have the full “holiday experience.”

Several families use plastic Easter eggs for decoration, while others may defer to ceramic options. With these faux-egg choices, you can ensure that your children get to safely enjoy the little traditions, without feeling left out.

Easter Crafts

Another fun way to have the whole family involved in Easter activities is to encourage craft making! By keeping little ones busy with some of these artsy options, you can establish new customs for your family to follow each year.

If you’re interested in a chick-themed Easter, you can craft hatching chicks with some egg cartons, or reuse wine corks to make chick designs on paper!

Paper Bunny

For many children, the Easter Bunny is the most popular figure of the holiday. Why not create your own Easter bunny with kids using a bit of paper and  glue? Check out this super adorable craft idea from Andreja from Easy Peasy and Fun.

Funny Bunnies

How adorable are these little guys!? We can’t stand the cuteness. If you have a bit more time this weekend and are looking for ways to use a brand new cutter/stamper, this might be the perfect project for you.

Easy Bunny Treat Cups

Don’t have a lot of free time for a craft project but still want to do something? Check this fun cup decorating idea from Keri. It’s sure to make any snack ready for your festivities.

Bunny Mask

It wouldn’t be Easter without a cute bunny! Create an easy bunny mask that the kids will love to make and play with.

Easter Chick Craft

A fun handprint craft idea from a stay-at-home mom that your whole family will enjoy. You can even give these out as a party gift!

Easter Mason Jars

What kind of list would this be if we didn’t include at least one Mason jar project?! 

For more fun Easter basket ideas, check out our Neocate Pinterest page. We have an entire board dedicated to Spring/Easter where you will find more crafts and allergy-friendly recipes.


If you are looking for a fun allergy-friendly activity you can do this weekend, check out 6 Allergy-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt ideas.

Regardless of your preferences, there are plenty of options for crafts for families to enjoy. We would love to see what you and your family come up with. Don't forget to share your holiday traditions with us on our Facebook page


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