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Posted 7.10.17 | Nutrition Specialist

Managing your child’s multiple food allergies can be a daily challenge. There are food diaries and elimination diets. There is eating in versus dining out. There are ingredient substitutions and the never-ending search to find new recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Simply put, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming for parents and caregivers. But now there is an app for that — Neocate Footsteps from Neocate — to help navigate each milestone of caring for a child with food allergies.

I spent some time exploring the app and here are my thoughts.

Best Feature

Hands down it is the fact that the app experience is customized to each individual, acknowledging what those of us with food allergies wish more people knew — everyone’s food allergy diagnosis, symptoms, and coping mechanisms are different.

Favorite Section

After a food allergy diagnosis, the hunt is always on for tasty allergy-friendly recipes. I frequently dedicate hours upon hours to this task …  often to no avail. This app includes a collection of recipes that you can easily sort to exclude any allergen. There are recipes for pancakes and donuts, cereals and casseroles, soups and scones, and more. It is amazing! With just the click of a button, preparing a meal for someone with food allergies is simplified.

Honorable Mention

Another feature of the app that I loved was the diary section. As someone who has used a spiral notebook as a food diary, an electronic option would have been far better and more efficient. With Neocate Footsteps App, you can log your child’s food intake, symptoms, sleep patterns, mood, growth, and diaper descriptions in the app. This section will be extremely useful for parents, especially during those first few months, when you are trying to figure out what each allergen does to your child specifically.

An Added Bonus

This app will also auto generate an allergy card, which can be downloaded and printed. DO NOT BYPASS THIS SECTION. For me, eating out changed dramatically when I began using an allergy card. Restaurant wait staff and chefs appreciate having allergens written down for a simpler and safer dining-out experience. I carry two — just in case I leave one behind.

Final Thoughts

Neocate Footsteps App is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The interface is clean in appearance and easy to understand. Plus, the app is FREE to download in the Apple Store. Check it out!

About the Author

 Kendra Chanae Chapman, a 26-year-old Chicago native currently living in Los Angeles, has lived with food allergies for most of her life. Her primary mission has become to raise awareness, especially in the African-American community. Kendra's food allergy journey can be followed on her blog "Nope, Can't Eat That Either" and on her social media pages.


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