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Posted 2.23.10 | Sarah O'Brien

Through our 1-800-Neocate information line we get a lot of questions but we also hear a lot of great stories from parents who deal with the effects of their child having a milk allergy every day. We love hearing those stories and we love to share them with other food allergy parents who are coping with the same situations.

With that in mind the old way of sharing your stories, recipes and photos – via snail mail - is slow, cumbersome and just a little tough for most busy parents to put together, pack it up and send into us. So our team of nutritionists has worked diligently to provide all of you with easier ways to share what you love to share the most.

If you have an account on Facebook, feel free to become a fan of our Neocate Fanpage where you can:

  • Post questions, comments, suggestions, recipes & stories
  • Add your photos (parents love to share their before & after photos of their children)
  • Add videos
  • Start discussions about relevant topics like the new Texas State Insurance Reimbursement Laws

And for those avid Twitter users out there, we didn’t forget you either. We’ve got our own Neocate Twitter account where we tweet out links to our latest blog posts, answer questions about Neocate and give suggestions where we can. We’re also looking into hosting some Tweetchats in the future about dealing with food & milk allergies, so keep your eyes open for that! We recognize that in today’s busy world sometimes it’s just easier to connect with us through the places where you are already actively participate and we wanted to make it easier for all of you to do so. So come on over and join the discussions, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

- Sarah

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