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Posted 5.21.08 | Sarah O'Brien

Hello there-

My name is Sarah O’Brien, senior nutrition specialist for Nutricia, and I’m really excited about joining the Baby Health Blog team.

I‘ve worked with nutrition and allergies for quite sometime now. About eight years ago, I came to Nutricia, where I’ve focused on nutrition therapies for kids with food allergies, gastrointestinal issues, metabolic conditions and neurological diseases.

I really like being able to lend a hand (and ear!) to parents facing these issues. But, I have to tell you, my line of work made the idea of becoming a mom a little scary for me! It’s kind of like reading way too many parenting-prep books and spending too much time with all those well-meaning people who tell you all the gory details about how painful their delivery was. I just had too much information.

But now, here I am, pregnant with my first child. And I do worry about food allergies and EE and everything else that my baby may be faced with. But the other thing I’ve learned from parents like you is that, no matter what happens, it will be very, very worth it. Because this baby will, in my husband’s and my eyes, be the most perfect baby ever born. (Although her perfection will be closely followed by my sister’s kids of course ;-)

I’m so happy to share information with you and be involved in this community. And, just like Steven and the other nutrition specialists, I hope you feel free to post comments, questions and opinions. But if you could hold off on all the gory delivery stories for a few months that would be great!


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