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Posted 10.5.12 | Nutrition Specialist

Hi there Neocate fans!  I'm Nutra, your spoonable favorite!  Why vote for me?  Well, I'm the only hypoallergenic semi-solid cereal available to kiddos who need to follow a restricted diet.  Why does this matter?  Some kids who aren't able to introduce solid foods at the normal time (typically at around 6 months of age) due to allergies benefit from having a semi solid cereal (like me!) available to munch on, because it helps them develop feeding skills.  Not to mention, I'm delicious!  And chock full of hypoallergenic protein from amino acids (just like my other Neocate friends) so you can be sure you are feeding your kiddo a safe food while helping them grow!

In addition to being a good source of hypoallergenic protein, I also have nutrients like vitamins and minerals, making me a fantastic addition to the diet of a growing child.  Lastly, you can download my Nutra Recipe Guide, which can be used in a bunch of tasty recipes to entice your little one to try new textures and flavors such as, Nutra Apple Milk-Free Ice Cream, anyone?  Or how about Nutra Banana Nut Pudding? In the mood for something savory?  How about a taste of Italy with Nutra Tomato Sauce?  Or feeling like some good comfort food with Nutra Mashed Potatoes?  As you can see, I'm a great addition to a variety of fantastic recipes that will help keep your kiddo healthy and strong while following a low allergen diet.

So vote for me, Neocate Nutra!

Thank you!

Neocate Nutra

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