Neocate Nutra Cookies

Posted 2.12.13 | Christine Graham-Garo

Nutra cookies – Nutra Cinnamon Cookies


·         4 leveled unpacked scoops Neocate Nutra (~17g)

·         ½ tsp water

·         ¼ tsp Cinnamon sugar


Preheat oven to 310F.  Mix all ingredients and blend well. This can take some time to mix all ingredients. Mix till all the dry powder is gone. Using your hands to mix

will work best. Mixture should not be too sticky to hold and mold. If it is too sticky, add a sprinkle of Neocate Nutra powder and continue to work into the mixture.

Separate the "dough" evenly into 4 rounded balls and put on a flat baking sheet at least 3 inches apart. Flatten each ball with your finger pushing down on the middle of the ball. Put into the oven and bake for about 8-9 minutes or until golden brown and fragrant. Check periodically during baking to ensure the cookies do not burn. Take out of oven and let cool for about 7 minutes. Using a spatula, remove from baking sheet and serve. Makes 4 patties.

*Note; the Nutra cookies may come out a bit chewy in the middle. You can add a bit more sugar or cinnamon sugar to the recipe to make the cookies crispier.


Serving size (4 patties):

Calories:                     80

Carbohydrates:          13 g

Protein:                        1.5 g

Fat:                               3 g

Calcium:                     123 mg

Vitamin D:                   31 IU

Fiber:                           0


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  • 2015-02-09 | Cheryl Eckert

    I added one whole crushed Erewhon graham cracker to the recipe to increase the calories for my son, as well as an extra 1/2 teaspoon of water.  I also added a small dot of Earth Balance Soy Free buttery spread to the top of each cookie before baking. They came out great!

  • 2015-02-10 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

    Dear Cheryl,
      Great ideas! We love to hear feedback from families on these recipes, especially when you put your own spin on it! Keep the great ideas coming.

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