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Posted 7.26.12 | Nutrition Specialist

We have posted in the past that Neocate is a global product, available in a number of countries around the world.  Another thing that makes Neocate products special is the amount of publications that support the use of Neocate.  There are over 70 publications from 20+ countries that support the use of Neocate in a variety of conditions.  So, Neocate isn’t only helping children in the United States, but also children in different regions, cultures and environments. 

This shows the vast diversity of patients that Neocate has helped in regards to elemental nutrition.  From chronic diarrhea to food allergies, Neocate has been on the market since the early 1990’s helping patients with these types of GI or food allergy related conditions around the world.  Neocate is the only amino acid-based product that has this diversify in publications from different countries showing that it is a universally effective product no matter where you live.

Here is a blog post on finding Neocate around the world.

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- Christine

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