Let the Parties Begin

Posted 12.13.13 | Christine Graham-Garo

Thanksgiving, for many of us, marks the beginning of a 6-8 week food laden holiday experience.  Some people are excited by this but many may feel ambivalent. While concerning, the typical 5-8 pound weight gain is the least of my concerns.  I love to eat and I love to feed others but dairy makes me miserable and wheat makes me itch. I have friends that are allergic to peanuts and others to seafood. Holiday parties can be stressful enough but what if you have food allergies? What if your guests have food allergies? What if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping because you’ve run out of time? We can’t help with your Christmas shopping but we can help you navigate the complexities of hosting a holiday food party with food allergies.  Sometimes oldies are goodies so check out 2010 Food Allergy Living Blog Holiday guide here

Now that you’ve figured out the logistics of hosting a hypoallergenic party, how do you cook a holiday meal without the top 8 food allergens?  How do you cook at all without the top 8 food allergens? It may seem that once you exclude the top 8 food allergens, there is nothing left to eat but it turns out that there is still a lot of delicious food to explore.  “Cauliflower rice” stuffing for Christmas Eve dinner? Or how about some banana amaranth pancakes for a Holiday brunch? Yes, please! May I have some more? Who knew that riced Cauliflower could fill in for bread in any stuffing recipe or that pancakes could be made out of amaranth? What the heck is amaranth? Find out here!

These are just the beginnings of many mouthwatering options that you may have never considered.  Want to explore grains that you have never heard of and allergy friendly recipes? Bob’s Redmill is a great place to start. Want to go a little bit deeper in learning how to substitute out those top 8 allergens in your current recipes? Gluten-free goddess has a great blog found here.

What holiday recipes have you created by removing the top 8 allergens?

- Yasmin Mughal, RD/N

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