Increase in Allergy Friendly Foods!

Posted 8.13.08 | Sarah O'Brien

I love reading blogs and articles like this one about allergy and celiac-friendly foods becoming more mainstream.

Even though we often don’t want to tell our allergy children, it can be tough, and even scary, to take them out to dinner or to a grocery store. However, lately I’ve noticed that restaurants and grocery stores around the country are beginning to offer more allergy friendly foods.

According to the Washington Post, marketing to food-sensitivities is becoming widespread and will continue to grow as the number of food allergies rise. Even the Girl Scouts are making a milk-free version of their cookie!

I’ve noticed this in my personal life. Just the other day, I walked into Whole Foods and there was a display of gluten-free brownie mix at the register. At restaurants, I’ve noticed the new asterisks on the menus, leading to a note at the bottom that states “this entrée contains peanuts.” All this I am very happy about.

However, continue to be vigilant when buying new foods or taking your allergy little one out to dinner. Even though the food industry is taking steps in the right direction, you can never be too careful!

- Sarah

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