Great Kid Treats & Snacks for an Allergy-Safe Valentines Day!

Posted 2.11.10 | Mallory West

Valentines Day is a fun holiday for kids and most schools have some kind of celebration, where students share valentines, candy and other treats. For a child with food allergies (and their parents), this day can be stressful. You want to ensure your child stays safe from potential allergens while making sure they get to enjoy all of the fun. Here are some ideas for a safe and fun Valentine’s Day celebration!

First and foremost, you want to make sure your child stays safe during any classroom valentine exchanges. Kids with Food Allergies compiled a list of 7 tips to follow in order to keep your child safe at school on Valentines Day:

You may want to bring in some allergy-free treats for your child so he/she doesn’t feel left out.

Here are some allergy-friendly* treat ideas:

If you are looking for an alternative to candy and sweets, your child can bring valentine-themed stickers, pencils, etc. Another idea is to talk with your child’s teacher about making a valentine-themed craft that everyone can participate in and enjoy. This way, the celebration isn’t totally focused on candy and treats.

For example, the class could make these valentine-themed crafts:

  • Valentine mobiles
  • Valentine wreaths
  • Friendship boxes

What allergy-friendly Valentines Day ideas/tips do you have to share?


*These allergy-friendly recipes are free of the most common allergens but as always, double check to make sure all of the ingredients are safe for your child.

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