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Posted 9.19.13 | Rob McCandlish, RDN

2013 UPDATE: Flavor Packets are no longer available. Please visit the 'Buy Neocate' section for all of the Neocate products that come in delicious flavors!

Over the years, Nutricia has been proud to offer the best products available for patients who require an elemental or amino acid-based diet. In the early years, most formulas were not flavored. Because of the distinct taste of amino acids, we offered an option to our Neocate customers in the form of our Flavor Packets. Flavor Packets have been an easy way to customize the amount of flavor and sweetness you add to unflavored, amino acid-based formulas.

Over the years, we expanded our offerings of formulas that come already flavored. As more customers have preferred these versions, which offer convenience and savings over Flavor Packets, we’ve seen much less interest in the Flavor Packets.

We want you to know that, while we currently have a stock of Flavor Packets which will not expire for a while, this is a limited supply which will not be replaced. We will continue selling them on Neocate.com and MySpecialDiet.com until they phase out, and we are able to transition customers to flavored products. We want to avoid a situation where Flavor Packets are phased out without our customers expecting it.

We encourage those of you who are big fans of Flavor Packets to start considering the other great options in our Neocate family. Neocate Junior is available in Tropical and Chocolate flavors, and also comes in a great Vanilla flavor with the addition of prebiotic fiber. Along with Neocate Junior, we also have Neocate’s E028 Splash which is available in delicious Grape, Tropical Fruit, and Orange-Pineapple flavors.

You may also want to begin discussions with your healthcare team if you would still like to explore adding other, safe flavor options to one of our unflavored products.  

- Rob

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