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Posted 7.16.08 | Sarah O'Brien

About a year ago here at Nutricia we introduced DHA and ARA to our Neocate Infant product. Since a lot of parents often ask us questions about DHA and ARA, I wanted to share some basic information with you.

OK, here’s the DHA/ARA rundown:

DHA and ARA are two important nutrients naturally found in breast milk. They are important for healthy infant growth and development. Studies have shown that a direct consumption of these key ingredients will promote both your baby’s visual and brain development.

Just like its predecessor, Neocate Infant with DHA & ARA is:

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Comprised of 100% non-allergenic free amino acids;
  • Nutritionally complete; and Manufactured in a 100% milk-free environment.

Overall, the addition of DHA and ARA doesn’t change much about the other properties of the formula (i.e. taste, texture, if it’s hypoallergenic) but it does provide an extra boost to benefit your little one.

Feel free to send any questions my way.

- Sarah

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